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    by Published on 01-16-2010 04:17 PM

    We are a group of people who want to achieve or maintain a life of financial freedom though the practical use of frugality. We conserve our money and our resources in order to have peace of mind!

    Come join the discussions in our free forums, blog about your own journey in debt reduction, crafting, raising children, or whatever strikes you!
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    by Published on 06-25-2010 02:52 PM

    In this Green Age, many people are turning to energy saving ideas. But after using dryers for so many years, it's occurred to me that not everyone knows the basics! After all, my mom sure didn't hang the wash...

    Anyway, here are a few things I've learned.

    First, do not clip the shoulders of shirts nor use hangers that are too small. No one wants shoulder nipples. Instead, peg shirts at the underarm. If the clips make a mark, they'll be hard to see and it also is less likely to stretch out than if you peg the bottom hem (not to mention that unfortunate "fold over" mark).

    Hang pants from either the waistband or hang them so the line is on the middle seam with the zipper up. This will also cut down on your wrinkles and marks.

    Using less soap than is needed and/or using vinegar in a Downy ball will cut down on the stiffness that will come from days with little wind.

    If you can't hang a line in your yard, you can use the shower rod and some hangers, a line in your basement, or one of the foldable racks from any of the big box stores. I hung laundry inside for two years. It can be done.

    It might be a little more work to hang laundry, but I never get stains set in because I put it in the dryer. My clothes don't shrink. They last longer. If you ask me, that's worth the extra fifteen minutes to hang it out.
    by Published on 06-27-2010 10:48 AM
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    Ladies, so many of us have had a rotten 2009 that Iím going to get a jump on 2010. I know most of us are thinking about and planning for financial changes in 2010. So, Iím going to take the next few days and post some challenges to get us ready to start the new year calmly and purposefully so that we can make those changes happen. Some of these are going to be ďhousekeepingĒ type challenges to better organize our finances and some are going to be a prelude to WeaverAnnís version of MaryKís famous Steps.

    Yes, The Steps will be restarting, but with some new twists. MaryK has done an amazing job putting The Steps together and running repeats of it several times a year for as long as Iíve been around this crew. A lot of what she has done will be reappearing, but maybe in a different order, or in different words. Just like in baking, there are certain ingredients you have to use to make a cake. You can fiddle some with amounts, add in different flavorings and fillings, but if you leave out the sugar, flour, and leavening you wonít have a cake. Iím hoping that for some of you who have struggled with certain parts in the past, my approach will work for you. And I hope youíll give me feedback on how things are going, whatís working, and whatís not. This will be a work in progress for all of us, but Iím really hopeful that we can work together to make this a successful process for everyone.

    Iíd like to start off by making a couple of promises to all of you. First, I will never ask you to post dollar amounts. While thatís never been specifically asked before, to the best of my knowledge, I know itís come up. If you want to post amounts and find that helpful, thatís great, but it will never be asked. The closest I will come is asking you to post some percentages, but thatís down the road. Second, if you ask to be held accountable, I will do my best to not let you slip through the cracks. But you have to make the commitment and ask. And as FlyLady says, ďProgress, not perfection!Ē.

    Are you ready to take control and make 2010 a fabulous year financially?