• Line Drying Basics

    In this Green Age, many people are turning to energy saving ideas. But after using dryers for so many years, it's occurred to me that not everyone knows the basics! After all, my mom sure didn't hang the wash...

    Anyway, here are a few things I've learned.

    First, do not clip the shoulders of shirts nor use hangers that are too small. No one wants shoulder nipples. Instead, peg shirts at the underarm. If the clips make a mark, they'll be hard to see and it also is less likely to stretch out than if you peg the bottom hem (not to mention that unfortunate "fold over" mark).

    Hang pants from either the waistband or hang them so the line is on the middle seam with the zipper up. This will also cut down on your wrinkles and marks.

    Using less soap than is needed and/or using vinegar in a Downy ball will cut down on the stiffness that will come from days with little wind.

    If you can't hang a line in your yard, you can use the shower rod and some hangers, a line in your basement, or one of the foldable racks from any of the big box stores. I hung laundry inside for two years. It can be done.

    It might be a little more work to hang laundry, but I never get stains set in because I put it in the dryer. My clothes don't shrink. They last longer. If you ask me, that's worth the extra fifteen minutes to hang it out.