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    We are a group of people who want to achieve or maintain a life of financial freedom though the practical use of frugality. We conserve our money and our resources in order to have peace of mind!

    Come join the discussions in our free forums, blog about your own journey in debt reduction, crafting, raising children, or whatever strikes you!
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    Michelle is one of our members who creatively feeds her large family. She shared some of her family's favorite meal ideas. You can find recipes for most in our recipe gallery!

    Chicken pot pie with leftover chicken and LOTS of veggies to bulk it up. My kids finished off a 13x9 pan of the stuff and STILL wanted more. Serve with salad.

    Tacos made with ground turkey. Two pounds feeds us all with a bit leftover for DH's lunch the next day, or taco soup for dinner. Serve with all the fixings and 2 cans re-fried beans.

    Spaghetti- one pound usually feeds us. I mix jarred sauce with grated carrots, zucchini and mushrooms. I always sneak in veggies when I can. I serve with homemade cheese biscuits

    Meatloaf- I make either a two pound one or I make them in muffin tins for meatloaf muffins. I serve it with mashed potatoes and peas usually. Leftovers make great sandwiches with ketchup or either goes well broken up in spaghetti.

    Frittata- I cook up veggies..peppers, onions, mushrooms, sometimes bacon as well. I blend up 1 dozen eggs and cook with the softened veggies until a *wet* scrambled egg consistency, then add in cheese and stick under the broiler til set. I serve it with either fried potatoes or a salad.

    Chili-I make a huge crockpot at a time. I either use 1pd turkey or 1pd ground beef and then load up on veggies and beans. Add in tomatoes, peppers, and garlic. We serve this with cheese and crackers. Leftovers are great for hotdogs, mixed with mac-n-cheese, on baked taters, topped with cornbread for a pie, or with spaghetti noodles.

    Whole chicken- So versatile.You can flavor it a million different ways, bake it or crockpot it. The leftovers can be used a million ways- pot pie, tacos, taco soup, chicken spaghetti, enchiladas, chicken & noodles, chicken soup, stroganoff..on and on. I serve whole chicken with roasted veggies.

    Pork roast- I crockpot mine with BBQ sauce for sandwiches served with potato salad or slaw. Leftovers make wraps with tortillas or mixed with baked beans. I crockpot it with cream of mushroom soup and brown gravy and serve w/ mashed potatoes and peas or corn. Leftovers I add sour cream and make a pork stroganoff and serve with noodles and broccoli.

    I like to make bean burritos out of homemade tortillas ( I don't cook them until they're filled, then I bake), 2 cans of re-fried beans, a little salsa (TBSP per tortilla) and cheese. Bake them all off at once (not sure how many I make) and freeze. They're great topped with sour cream, served with Mexican rice. Cheap, cheap.

    And of course, always save your veggies in a big bag in the freezer. Pull it out and make a big pot of veggie soup when it's almost full.

    When I get onions on sale .99/3lb bag, I like to make onion cheese soup. It's pretty cheap and filling when served with homemade bread from the maker.
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    In this Green Age, many people are turning to energy saving ideas. But after using dryers for so many years, it's occurred to me that not everyone knows the basics! After all, my mom sure didn't hang the wash...

    Anyway, here are a few things I've learned.

    First, do not clip the shoulders of shirts nor use hangers that are too small. No one wants shoulder nipples. Instead, peg shirts at the underarm. If the clips make a mark, they'll be hard to see and it also is less likely to stretch out than if you peg the bottom hem (not to mention that unfortunate "fold over" mark).

    Hang pants from either the waistband or hang them so the line is on the middle seam with the zipper up. This will also cut down on your wrinkles and marks.

    Using less soap than is needed and/or using vinegar in a Downy ball will cut down on the stiffness that will come from days with little wind.

    If you can't hang a line in your yard, you can use the shower rod and some hangers, a line in your basement, or one of the foldable racks from any of the big box stores. I hung laundry inside for two years. It can be done.

    It might be a little more work to hang laundry, but I never get stains set in because I put it in the dryer. My clothes don't shrink. They last longer. If you ask me, that's worth the extra fifteen minutes to hang it out.